Wednesday, July 4, 2012

China Glaze Manhunt + Kalahari Kiss: Swatch and Review!

Hey everyone! Having a good time here in NJ, after getting over some unneeded family drama. We've been having so many AWESOME thunder storms. (kinda freak me out, but still beautiful). Anyway, I've been running all over the place with my grand parents, who spoil me rotten, and I've bought over 20 nail polishes since I've been here with them. (which has been two days, lol!). Anyway, I picked up 2 China Glazes at a local Sally's, which were the two that I wanted the most from the fall collection. Check em' out.

This is a weird mix, I know. But I wanted to test them out together and I honestly really like it. Let's start with Manhunt. Manhunt is a nice, creamy blue. It kind of reminds me of China Glaze First Mate. But thinking back, I think Manhunt is lighter and brighter of a color. A richer Navy/Royal Blue. Manhunt was opaque in two coats. It was pretty smooth with application, so no complaints from me. I actually love this blue. It kind of reminds me of the blue I used to have on my catholic school uniform when I was a little kid...
Now Kalahari Kiss. Kalahari Kiss is a yellow toned beige-y brown? I'm not really sure how to describe it, but unique nonetheless. It reminds me a lot of Classic Camel, minus the shimmer, but it might be because Class Camel is such an odd shade. This color was also opaque in 2 coats, and the application was also fairly easy.
I decided to add the dots using a dotting tool to add a sort of... tribal? feel to it. Not really sure how to describe what I wanted to do here. But I really like it. It's a bit odd, but hey, so am I.

I really love these 2 colors, and I'm impressed on the formulas. The rest of the On Safari collection isn't too appealing to me (besides the two glitters, which I will get soon), but these 2 colors really stood out to me. I highly recommend them. China Glaze is also my favorite nail polish brand, so I suggest you check them out!

**products purchased by me**

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