Sunday, May 20, 2012 Bolts of Blue

So today I went into the city by my school and did a little shopping! On the way out of the mall we wandered into a Rite-Aid. There I spotted a display from a brand called Hedy's I've NEVER heard of this brand before. The display said "Runway Style Matte Look!". They're obviously matte neons. I didn't know how I was going to feel about them at first, but I picked up 2 of them and decided it was okay since they're only $2.99 a bottle, which I consider a good price! Take a look:

Please ignore the ding on my pinky nail. I hadn't noticed it till I started cropping the pictures. :(

I actually LOVE this! It's very very bright, but my camera couldn't really capture it. And it's not just a neon creme. It has a lot of shimmer in it, which I also failed to capture. (You can see it in the bottle in the pictures! Just didn't show on my nail in the pictures). I do assure you that it DOES translate to the nail! It has a turquoise shimmer to it's bright blue base. This is absolutely gorgeous. And it gave me no problems what-so-ever with application. It only took 2 coats to become completely opaque! Not too watery, not super thick, just unbelievably perfect!

I would say this is totally worth the money. I have yet to try out the other one I purchased, but if it's as amazing as this one, I will be going back to Rite-Aid and purchasing the rest of the collection. (There is 6 or 7 I think). I still don't know who this brand is but I give them props. They're cheap and they're amazing! The only bad thing is the bottle size. They're 10 mL, when OPI and China Glaze are 15. They're not much smaller, it's just a down side of the amazing polish. But at the price, you can afford to go back and get a back up! See you guys next time. :)

**Product was purchased by me**

So much polish!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've been extremely busy in school and with friends. I have accumulated a lot of nail polish in the past week, so I'm very excited to share them with you. :) I received nail mail this week from my friend Melinda over at She bought me two Spoiled by Wet n' Wild polishes, which are impossible to find here I live because there are no CVS's here. :(

First up, I bought a stamper and a scraper! (ignore the cotton on the scraper). Finally lol I also purchased 26 Cheeky Stamping Plates. I believe this is their Summer 2012 collection. I will be taking pictures of the stamps this week and posting them up. :) - Bolt of Blue and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Pacific Blue

OPI - Just Spotted the Lizard and - Lightening

Color Club - Wing Fling and Sephora by OPI - It Looks Like Rain, Dear

Spoiled - Shuffle the Deck and Color Club - Sky High

Claires - Night Sky and Spoiled - Vitamin C

I'll be swatching a lot of these soon. :) I have already swatched one of the's and I will be putting up a blog post about it very soon. I got those 2 at Rite Aid. They're fairly new, I haven't seen them ever before. They're a Neon Matte collection. (Most mattes are neons, so I don't understand that lol). Anyway, I'm so excited and love all the polishes I've picked up. :) And I should be receiving my Juleps in the mail either tomorrow or the next day. I signed up for the Maven program and I'm excited to get my first 2 Juleps and try them!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zoya Minka

Hello again! Got bored tonight, and decided to put on my favorite nude ever! Zoya makes THE BEST nudes out there, along with Essie. I got so tired of using Essie's Sand Tropez, I went out on a quest to find another nude I loved. Low and behold, my Ulta had Zoya Minka, and it was love at first sight!

This is 2 beautiful and easy coats of Zoya Minka. It's more of a yellow based nude. What I also like about it is that it kind of has a pearl finish. It's so soft and beautiful, it's great on any day I can't pick a color. It's basically my go to shade. But tonight I was looking to spice it up a little bit...

I used one of my dotting tools to dot on spots of brown which is China Glaze Mahogany Magic. I used a smaller dotting tool to line the brown with black, which was KleanColor Black.

I love this manicure. Mostly because I LOVE Minka. I'm not really into animal print on nails (besides Giraffe, since it's my favorite animal), but I feel like it just spices up this lovely nude a little bit. Zoya is a GREAT nail polish brand. Big 3 free and vegan. It is $8 on their website and at an Ulta store.

**Products were purchased by me**

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Llarowe goodie- Hits No Olimpo Hefesto

Hello again lovies! Today I have a beautiful polish from Leah's site Llarowe. I received this in the mail yesterday. It was beautifully packaged and shipped VERY quick. The polish that I bought was HITS No Olimpo Hefesto. This polish is BEYOND gorgeous. It's a holographic top coat so you can't basically turn any polish into a holo. I'm going to shut up now and show you swatches!

Direct Sunlight

Low Light

Blurry (to show holo effect)

This is one coat of HITS Hefesto over 2 coats China Glaze- Liquid Leather (requested by Mel. This is GORGEOUS. Hefesto changes the color of your polish a bit. It gives it a gray/silver tint, but you can still tell what color the polish under it is. The holographic effect in direct sunlight is INSANE. I couldn't get a good picture of it. My camera was freaking out. I went outside to bring something to my friend after I had swatched this, and I looked down at my hand and was almost blinded. Insane I tell you, insaaaaane. Granted, under low light the holo effect is very subtle. That is to be as expected though. It is not as dull as the China Glaze OMG collection indoors though. Application was fantastic. No bald spots which is usual for holographics.

You NEED this in your life. I got mine for $9.00 in Leah's shop Llarowe. This is only a 6ml bottle though, compared to China Glaze bottles which are 15ml. Very small amount, but very worth it. You can always order a backup or just use it very carefully. Pick this up today!

**This product was purchased by me**


Hello everyone! Tonight I will be showing you a few Kleancolor nail polishes. My boyfriend who is in the Navy ordered me a set of 48 Kleancolor nail polishes for my birthday, and had them sent to my dorm! What a sweetie. Anyway, one thing you should know about KleanColor is that they are not big 3 free. Also, to the people who think they smell terrible: they really don't. I think one person said it, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon saying that the polishes have a terrible odor. Honestly, I think Seche Vite smells worse than these polishes do.
Sorry for boring you with a bunch of talk. Here are the swatches!

KleanColor- Mango

Mango is a pretty soft, neonish orange. I'm not really sure how to accurately describe this. It looks a lot brighter in person, but not exactly bright enough to be a neon. This color had a fantastic application and this was 3 coats. (Could have stopped at 2, but I'm VERY picky with VNLs). BUT, I hate how Oranges look on me, so I decided to spice it up a little bit..

I used a little bit of China Glaze- Solar Flare and did a little gradient manicure. I'm not a fan of orange on me, but the gold definitely made it a little spicier and I ended up loving it!

KleanColor- Pearl Jungle

This is a strange, strange color. I have to admit, when I first saw it I thought I would absolutely hate it. But I turned out loving it. It's a very shimmery, kind of dark minty green. It's almost a frost, but not really. Very strange, but very gorgeous at the same time. This was 2 coats. You would think this kind of polish would be sheer, but it had GREAT coverage and dried very fast so you didn't get bald spots! (I've experienced that a lot with shades like this).

KleanColor turns out to be a great brand, and I am so thankful to my amazingly sweet boyfriend for sending them to me. :) KleanColors are also a GREAT deal at $3.49 on their website (their shipping is a bit steep though). But they are a better deal for 48 for $43 dollars, like what my boyfriend bought me. I think you should go pick some up, and even though they aren't big 3 free, I do recommend you buy them! Very great brand up there with China Glaze and OPI for me. :)

KleanColor website
Amazon 48 Piece KleanColor set

**These products were purchased by me**

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely day and has a lovely weekend. As you all can tell, I have just made this blog today.
To start off, I'm Maddie! I love nail polish, and am excited to share my collection with you and swatch some designs I do on my nails daily!
I will be as active as I can, which probably will be posting every day or every other day. I have a facebook set up, where you can follow and share your stuff with me, and also become friends! If you would like to please "like" my page on facebook!
Polished by Maddie's facebook!

I will start swatching and other fun stuff tomorrow, since I will be in my dorm all alone this weekend (sad, I know!). I hope you all will enjoy and I'm looking forward to meeting and sharing all nail related things with all of you! :)

Cheers for now,