Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely day and has a lovely weekend. As you all can tell, I have just made this blog today.
To start off, I'm Maddie! I love nail polish, and am excited to share my collection with you and swatch some designs I do on my nails daily!
I will be as active as I can, which probably will be posting every day or every other day. I have a facebook set up, where you can follow and share your stuff with me, and also become friends! If you would like to please "like" my page on facebook!
Polished by Maddie's facebook!

I will start swatching and other fun stuff tomorrow, since I will be in my dorm all alone this weekend (sad, I know!). I hope you all will enjoy and I'm looking forward to meeting and sharing all nail related things with all of you! :)

Cheers for now,

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