Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup - Garnet Chrome: swatch and review!

Hey ya'll! If you follow me on facebook, you'll know I'm in NJ and my aunt was showing me her very very very small nail polish collection lol! She gave me one of my favorite polishes, that I used to have when I was a kid. Anyone remember the Sally Hansen Chrome nail polishes? It's a blast from the past, but here ya go. ;)

This is the amazing Garnet Chrome. (ignore the condition of the bottle, it's been in her collection for years). This bad boy was opaque in ONE COAT. I can't remember if they all had coverage like this, but this one was AH-MAY-ZING. It also dried ridiculously fast. I painted my nails, got up, grabbed my camera from my suit case and dinged my nail right then. There was no ding mark on my nail though. Completely dry. Sweeeeeet! The polish also dried into a crisp and clean metallic. No streaks or anything. Granted, you should buff your nails before using this (don't have my buffer with me), because it will show a few imperfections, like the peeling on my index finger. I wish I could find more of these, because these would be absolutely amazing for stamping, since they're so opaque.

I love this polish and wish I had a way to get more. I'll have to search the internet like a mad women, and order as many as I can. If you have any of these left, you are LUCKY and I'm just a tad bit jealous of you....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Try it on Tuesday #2!

Hello everyone! I'm on vacation (woooo) and having a WONDERFUL time, but missing all of you! Today for Untried Tuesday I have 2 polishes that I just bought today, so I figured I'd try them. (I also left the rest of my polishes at home and I need to redo my mani). Anyway, I love this brand and this collection, so enjoy....

On my left hand, I did 4 fingers of Milani Cyberspace. I love this color! It is the perfect color blue, with a scattered holo effect. Even indoors, the holo effect is subtle, but the color isn't dull like other holos. This color is absolutely gorgeous. This is with a base coat and top coat, and 3 coats of Cyberspace. (minus accent finger).

And on my right hand...

Three coats of beauty called Milani HD. I love this silver holo. It's a scattered holo, but also very nice in low light. There's just... something different about this silver and I just can't put my finger on it. I absolutely love the formula on this. VERY easy to work with and no pulling at all, like I've had with many silvers and holos.

I love these colors so much. I'm so glad I bought them, and owning 4 out of the 6 polishes in this collection, I'd recommend them to ANYONE. I'd say these holos are a must have for any collector, and I'm honestly very proud to say that a drugstore brand has made such a beautiful holo. They're a bit pricey at $5.59, and I believe these are only available at CVS.

**Products purchased by me**

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello all. This will be a quick post for a quick first time mani. I leave tomorrow to head back to NJ, so I will be posting less frequently, but I'll still be showing you new manis. Now, lets get onto the pictures, since I need sleep for my 8am flight LOL!

I did 2 coats on OPI Kiss on the Chic. Kiss on the Chic is a very pale and very sheer pink, but it's one of my FAVORITES. I love this color so much. After I waited for them to dry, I did one coat of OPI Pirouette my Whistle. Pirouette my Whistle has a clear base with silver shimmer and translucent hex glitters. I then did one coat of OPI Gone Gonzo, which is PACKED with blue glitter, and large silver hex glitters. I then topped it off with one more coat of Kiss on the Chic, and a coat of seche vite. And there you are: my sammich.

I love this. OPI makes some of the best glitters... But seriously, I just love this. *rushes to get sleep before my flight*. See ya'll later. :)

**Products were purchased by me**

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ORLY Mysterious Curse

Sooo, today I was at Sally's buying a new buffer, and of course looking at polishes, and a saw a few ORLY polishes listed at $3.99. I thought that was a good deal, since they're usually $8 at Ulta. I went to look and saw that it was the new Dark Shadows collection. I was a bit confused, but also VERY happy, considering I've wanted Mysterious Curse for a while now. Luckily, there was one bottle left and I snatched it up. Purple and blue duo-chromey goodness...

This polish is so extremely gorgeous. The changes in color are not subtle at all. The duo-chore effect in this is STRONG. It changes from a deep, vampy purple, to a bright teal blue. The polish was a little troublesome. Caused some bald spots, and pulled a little on my index finger. But it was manageable, you just need to be patient and let it dry before adding more on. (which I'm not). This polish is so gorgeous.

Overall: This polish was so extremely worth it, and I'm so glad I grabbed it. It would still be worth the price at Orly's full price. This color is so gorgeous, and duo-chromes are so in season this summer, so go get your bottle at a nearby Sally's before they sell out!

**Product was purchased by me**

Monday, June 18, 2012

Try it on Tuesday!

Hello all! Some bloggers brainstormed the idea of doing an untried Tuesday, which then got named Try it on Tuesday!. So now every Tuesday many nail bloggers and I will swatch a polish we bought, and has been collecting dust since! It's a great way to go through all your polishes, and finally get to use the neglected few. *tear*

Anyway, I bought this polish when I was in Florida over Christmas break. I never had a holo before this, and I bought this to use it. As soon as I got home though, I found my Layla holo's, and totally blew this one off... So sad.

Milani's Hi-Res. I'm not really sure why I put off wearing this for so long... This is SO GORGEOUS. Two easy coats, which I was shocked about. Holos usually drag and pull at the cuticles, causing horrible bald spots. Milani went on so smooth and so easily. It's a gorgeous medium purple scattered holo. These photos don't do it justice though. It's pretty holographic in person. It almost has a linear effect sometimes. It's hard to call it a scattered holo sometimes...

Decided to uses my stamping plates for the first time tonight! I used Cheeky plate 24. I used the Klean Color - Black as my stamping color. I thought the little bows were cute over the holo-y goodness...

I love this polish to pieces! I kind of feel bad for neglecting it for so long.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Essie Mojito Madness and Set in Stones!

Hey ya'll! Another post for you tonight, since I feel bad for not posting much within the last month! Still just packing and getting ready to go back to NJ! (SO EXCITED!) I also wanted to ask you guys, which colors would be a good idea to bring back with me this summer? Comment below with your answers and help me out! :)
Anyway, I was in Target after a dinner with a few people from my college, and fell IN LOVE with Mojito Madness. It's taken a while for a mani with it, but here it is!

Essie's Mojito Madness is typical "kelly" green, maybe a tad bit darker. This is a perfect summer color, and a fall color too, in my opinion. (honestly, I'll probably wear it any season). The application of this polish was PERFECT. Opaque in 2 coats and went on like butter. I just love Essie's brush also. Makes polish go on so easily.

Decided I wanted to accent it up with the accent finger of Set in Stones, which has easily become one of my favorite glitters ever! Fine silver glitter and large hex glitters, it is beautiful!

First of all, I need more Essies. I think they are so worth the price. (honestly, I think they're more worth it than OPI, which are only .50 more). I love this green so much! You should totally run out and get it for this summer! I think it'll look great for a pedi too.

**Products were purchased by me**

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zoya and HITS Hefesto!

Hey all! Sorry for being so quiet lately. Just got done with my freshman year of college! :) Now I'm just packing up and getting ready to head back to the east coast for most of the summer! (Yay for CVS, where I can get Milani and Spoiled!). Anyway, my nails have been very "blah" lately, for lack of the time and the motivation to do them. This is the first thing I've done with my nails that actually looked decent in a long time! Enjoy the holo-ness...


Indoor light


The base color for the mani in Zoya - Heidi, which I stole from my mom, because I had originally bought it for her in the Zoya Mother's day trio.... hehehe. Anyway, I absolutely love this color. The picture isn't exact to the color, since Hefesto changed it a little, but the bottle picture is spot on. This is a bright and saturated Red/orange - coral; PERFECT for summer time. It went on in two, easy, butter like coats. Zoya is great for nail polish like this. HITS Hefesto is a holo overcoat, which is BEAUTIFUL. Gives any polish a perfect linear holo effect. Only downside is that it changes the color of the polish a little, which I don't mind at all.

I love Zoya. Did I ever mention they're my FAVORITE? Time to start buying more! Anyway, I love this mani and I love the holo-ness for summer, since I'm FINALLY on summer break! :) HITS Hefesto is my favorite holo polish I own by far. I purchased HITS Hefesto from Amy at Llarowe. I'll post the link down below so you can get some of your own. ;)

**All products were purchased by me!**

Link to Amy's store is HERE.