Monday, June 18, 2012

Try it on Tuesday!

Hello all! Some bloggers brainstormed the idea of doing an untried Tuesday, which then got named Try it on Tuesday!. So now every Tuesday many nail bloggers and I will swatch a polish we bought, and has been collecting dust since! It's a great way to go through all your polishes, and finally get to use the neglected few. *tear*

Anyway, I bought this polish when I was in Florida over Christmas break. I never had a holo before this, and I bought this to use it. As soon as I got home though, I found my Layla holo's, and totally blew this one off... So sad.

Milani's Hi-Res. I'm not really sure why I put off wearing this for so long... This is SO GORGEOUS. Two easy coats, which I was shocked about. Holos usually drag and pull at the cuticles, causing horrible bald spots. Milani went on so smooth and so easily. It's a gorgeous medium purple scattered holo. These photos don't do it justice though. It's pretty holographic in person. It almost has a linear effect sometimes. It's hard to call it a scattered holo sometimes...

Decided to uses my stamping plates for the first time tonight! I used Cheeky plate 24. I used the Klean Color - Black as my stamping color. I thought the little bows were cute over the holo-y goodness...

I love this polish to pieces! I kind of feel bad for neglecting it for so long.

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